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a forum member has placed numerous for sale ads. I sent him a reply  for some post war items with no response. Thinking my PC was at fault I sent a second reply from a different PC, no luck. I sent a third reply from my iphone, no response. I triple checked the email address in his profile. I think the problem may be at his end, but I can't contact him to find out.

Yesterday I posted in the O27, traditional 3 rail, with his name in the topic asking him to contact me . I looked today and the post disappeared completely with no trace. I suspect the moderators removed it.

Would someone please tell me how to reach someone on this forum when email doesn't work and we can't post to for sale ads????  Why has my first post vanished???  Thank you, Clete

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Clete, you don't list an e-mail in your profile either.  A new contact may expect to see one listed there. One that matches the one in the email you sent them. 

Someone could claim to be me in a random email to you, but that would not verify it's really me.

However ,if you see an email in my profile that matches the request to respond, you be pretty sure it's really me and not a scammer claiming to be me (or all my online accounts got stolen).

I'm not saying that no address listed here is the cause; but it might be. I might not have answered you either. To be honest. ....likely not unless we had a bit of posting contacts before.

Maybe start a new email account just for public contact, make your normal account able  to read the new account, but give the new account no power over the normal account. 😉  List it just while "shopping", etc. and pull it off the rest of the time if you want to; but super-spam hasn't hit me it years now.

The little spam I see anymore is too sparse to notice really.

...(insert obligatory 2020 Monty Python Spam joke here 🙃)

 I am sorry, Yes I am guilty for not having my email shown public, I just corrected that. If someone looked at my profile they could see I am not a spammer, I have been a forum member for 5 years and have posted in the past.

This was not a case of the Pot calling the Kettle black. I was asking for help to contact a fellow member 

Thank you. Clete

gunrunnerjohn posted:
Clete posted:

This was not a case of the Pot calling the Kettle black. I was asking for help to contact a fellow member 

Just having a little fun with you, no offense intended.   FWIW, I've had similar experiences at times with the for-sale ads.  After a couple tries, I figured I was not intended to own the item in question and move on.

No offense taken.  I asked a question and I found my answer.  Thanks. Clete

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