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I have a few Ross switches , and plan to add a few more. I currently have a few key fob to relay switch control modules for each switch. I have the full DCS system. Recently bought an AIU, and I would like to control these along with a few others all with the DCS system. Do any of you have a link / picture on how to wire them to the AIU? Can I use the power from the track with the choke, as I currently do now, per switch, or do I need a separate power supply for the switch throws? DZ-1000s I dug around before posting, but unable to find a clear image on how to wire these up per AIU. Thanks

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Wiring the DZ-1000 to the AIU is fairly simple.  On the AIU, you have two sets of ports.  You’ll use the ones labeled with “SW1, SW2,  to SW10, etc”.   The others labeled “ACC1, ACC2, etc” are for providing power to and operating accessories.  The switch machine DZ-1000 should have 3 wiring connections.  The one labeled L will connect to the 1 port and the R will connect to the port in the SW that you select on your AIU.  Let’s assume SW1 for now.  The port labeled “IN” will accept the third wire which is the common or ground connected directly from your transformer.  So you now have 3 wires connecting to the SW1 on the AIU.   The third connection to the DZ-1000 switch machine will be wired to the positive terminal on your transformer.  Regarding your question about using track power, I would not recommend that as your switches will only operate with the handles on and at a sufficient voltage.  I suppose that you can do so, but  I’d recommend that you use a transformer that has accessory supply terminals.  You can also check the Z-stuff website for further illustrations and recommended voltages for the switch machine.   Their website can be accessed from the ad buttons above.  If you look at their Figure 4 for the DZ-1000, the AIU is wired like the fob in that figure with the white and green wires going to the 1 and 2 AIU ports and the common going to the transformer common.    In summary, the switch machine will be wired to the positive port on the transformer and the other two wires will go to the AIU as described above.  The AIU will connect to those two wires as well as the common or ground terminal on the transformer.  Good luck.


Thanks for the reply. As of right now, only have 2 switches, and they are powered from the track... well the buss wire. Its been some time ago, but haven't had any issues. There is an inline choke to block the DCS signal.

Ok. Will look at running these 2 and the others I plan on adding to their own dedicated power supply. Any recommendations? It didn't come with one, but will the wall transformer that is made to plug into the AIU work, or do I need a totally separate unit tor run these off of.

Before this post, I poked around and found these Lionel 6-32923  accessory transformers could be picked up for a decent price. More than enough to run a handful of switches.

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