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My Great-Grandfather made this lamp post during the depression to go with their tinplate trains. I want to use them but am afraid of burning out the bulbs without being able to replace them. Its okay to not get an exact match but want to get as close as I can get. 

Any clues will help! Thank you


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Those are Christmas tree bulbs and are generally rated at 15 volts. They are generally referred to as C-6 lamps.

If you are worried about burning them out, place a diode in series and they will last.

Look at eBay item number  401643123728

The eBay description is incorrect. They are 15 volt bulbs and a string of 8 of them are used for 120 volt power.

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I believe what you have for lamps are the old style C-6 Christmas tree lamps. They ran 8 in series on 120 volts so they would be 14 volt lamps. I believe that is a miniature screw base.  Between the voltage and base they were compatible with toy trains, so many of them ended up in toy train service. There are collectors of vintage Christmas decorations and a lot of these lamps have been preserved. There may even be reproductions.  Search eBay and see what you find. 

Christmas tree bulbs, they were wired in series for around the tree. You will find them in a lot of prewar and early accessories as the original bulbs burned out and the owners replaced them with a cheap and readily available alternative. I literally have a  jar of them, taken out of accessories I bought or inherited.

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