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These Kibri items were also in a collection that I picked up.  I would like to identify them by some sort of catalog number if I can track down just what they are. I believe all are prewar and metal.  2 and possibly 3 items I think are O Gauge.  I think the others are HO.  The building with crane, information booth, and guard house all appear to be O gauge.  The guard house has no markings on the bottom except made in Germany.  It is not marked Kibri like the rest of the items.20200916_103311_resized20200916_103334_resized20200916_103348_resized20200916_103403_resized20200916_103410_resized20200916_103417_resized20200916_103426_resized20200916_103442_resized20200916_103452_resized20200916_103502_resized20200916_103523_resized20200916_103529_resized


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Hi Daniel,

Thank you, that is very helpful. I can imagine that the composite figure didn't hold up well.

The site was great in helping me identify some of the Kibri items also.  Although they don't show actual values, down at the bottom there seems to be some records of sales either at an auction or eBay.  So far the only two Kibri pieces that I can't identify are the lighted house with the steps marked Hf.3 that appears to be HO and the Information Kiosk that appears to be O or 1 Gauge.

If I can figure out all of the values, it will help me sell them since I don't collect any of these types of items.

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