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I have these three pieces that I believe originally went together.  I intend to offer them for sale on The Forum but would like to know what they are so I cam describe them properly.  The locomotive may had some red paint added to it.  The tender is marked Nation Wide Lines which I understand were made for JC  Penny by American Flyer.  The baggage car has been crudely "repainted" .  Maybe the best part of the baggage car is the roof for possible restoration of another car (after repainting of course).  I have not tested the locomotive to see if it works but the wheels turn smoothly although one of the drivers shows signs of zinc pest.  I'll try it tomorrow.

Any information you can supply would be invaluable.  Speaking of value, what would you suggest I ask for all three pieces?

Thanks for your help.



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You have an uncataloged American Flyer engine, which certainly could have been sold with the Nation Wide Lines tender.  You also have an 1108 American Flyer baggage car that has been repainted. 

As for price, it is hard to say because the condition on all of the pieces are not great.  If you list them on ebay, I would start them at $10 and let them go where they go.  If you want to sell them as a group, either through the forum or a buy-it-now on ebay, I would suggest somewhere in the $50 to $100 range and be open to offers.


Thank you so much for your replies.  I bench tested the engine today without any tinkering whatsoever and amazingly the motor took off like it had just left the factory.  I did not test run it on a track as the wheels are showing signs of deterioration and I did not want to risk doing any damage.

I will take much better pictures of the pieces, especially the locomotive, and put them for sale here on the Forum for $75.  I'd prefer not to go the E-Bay route.

Again thanks for your help.


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