Need help in removing the body from a Lionel 15" aluminum StationSounds Diner

I need to remove the body from a Lionel 6-15384 N&W StationSounds diner.  This car, made in 2003, is a newer version of Lionel's postwar 15 inch extruded aluminum passenger cars except the body is painted instead of shinny aluminum.  The problem is that if I try to slide the body off the frame the trucks are just wide enough to scratch the paint on the body, and the trucks will probably get scratched themselves.  Does anyone have a trick for doing this job?  Thanks in advance.  John

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I fought with this a few years back.  From what I remember the interior base will slide out from the ends but the metal frame the trucks are attached will drop with a little effort once every hidden screw is out. Unfortunately the frame is screwed to the interior base.  It gives you the impression that it can all slide out but in fact the frame drops and the interior slides.  You might have to loose some of the detail parts on the bottom to find all the screws.  Once the frame is dropped, you slide the interior out holding onto the base so as to not break the wires. I've included a photo of mine with the frame dropped but the interior base still in the car.

Photo May 04, 11 09 58 AM

This is what you are probably fighting.

Photo May 03, 6 02 41 PM

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Martye, thanks for the reply.  Your second picture is what I'm struggling with but my car is different than yours.  Here's a pic:IMG_0163

But seeing the trucks dangling in your first pic gave me the solution!  My trucks are attached to a mounting plate that are held onto the white plastic frame with 2 screws.  By removing the screws I was able to lift my trucks high enough to clear the bottom of the body shell and the plastic frame, which has the interior glued to it, slid right out.  Here are some pics:


Thanks again!  John


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