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@Strummer posted:

Wow, this is a great discussion; very similar (in some ways) to the question I asked in regards to the C&O 2-6-6-2 #28075.

Perhaps I should have started my thread in this category... 🙂

Glad you got it done Steve. 👍

Mark in Oregon

Thanks Mark. Im glad the CC-M is in and look forward to doing the the other mods too. It was definitely a huge learning experience. I think I’m going to post a thread this weekend about how to do this (with the pics I took) for a complete novice like me. Just getting this massive, very heavy locomotive apart was a very intimidating challenge much less replacing electronics!
Thank goodness for this forum and especially people like John(!!!), Ken, Burl and the others who chimed in!
And - what an improvement!
Thanks again!

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IMO, adding cruise is one of the biggest incremental improvements you can make for locomotives that don't have it.  I've added several dozen CC-M modules to my TMCC locomotives that came without it, what an improvement!  Other than the small motorized units that have the small Mini Commander II sized boards, all my stuff has cruise if possible.  I still have a couple of Pulmore motored locomotives, obviously those don't get cruise.

It is like you said John, it is a night and day difference in the personality of the Locomotive. It went from being a very nice and well detailed unit to a true locomotive with much more character and especially realism that is a great experience to watch and operate.
The difference is absolutely incredible! So now I’m really looking forward to adding The Chuff-Generator and the Super-Chuffer II.

Being kind of a big smoke guy, I'm partial to the smoke function.   With the Super-Chuffer, you also get an automatic Rule-17 LED headlight and an automatic cab light control.  Part of the fun will be getting the LED in that wedge headlight, took me a few to develop my technique for lighting those with an LED.

Sounds awesome and challenging. The headlight definitely needs the LED upgrade so if that comes with it all the better! I’m sure I’ll have questions for that install too. 😉

Does the bulb and necessary wiring come with the kit?

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I can't go giving you all my secrets, nobody will want upgrades!

Actually, the stuff for the LED headlight does not come with the Super-Chuffer, that's "locally sourced".  It's really just a surface mount LED and some fine wire.  You can actually buy the SMT LED's with wires attached, that makes the job a bit easier.

Haha! Thanks John.

Does ‘SMT LED’ mean a surface mount LED or does the SMT refer to something else?
Would I just splice the wires into the ones going to the incandescent or is more required?

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The control type for this one should be AUX1/4 after setting the ID, then you're all set.  My Virginian Allegheny also got a Super-Chuffer for smoke control, it's a great looking and performing locomotive now.

Well, I must admit I thought I understood this but now I’m not sure. Looks like more OJT…😬
I use my Legacy 990 Cab2 for control and it offers four settings for Control Type etc. Thought it might be simple. But…
To clarify (and the instructions are not clear about this IMO either) do I need to reset my locomotive ID number? Even though it’s already set in my Cab2? (This would be using the Program/Run switch process etc?)

Then, when I scroll to set Control Type on my Cab2, I should hit Aux 1 then the number 4, or depress 4 simultaneously when I depress the Aux1 button on the handheld? What will I see on the Cab2 then? Will the speed step graph be visible?

Lastly, Should I COMPLETELY disregard the four built in settings in the Cab 2 (CAB1, TMCC, R100, Legacy) altogether?

Thanks in advance. Man, nothing is EVER as easy as I thought it would be!

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