Need help, transformers damp from hurricane, how to determine if still usable

A friend has 24 transformers that experienced the hurricane in Florida.  The bottoms got wet, but don't think they were flooded.  How to test to see it they can be powered up safely.  Some are AF others are used to light building and power accessories.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Damp, drenched, or dunked? 

If it was salt water I'd dunk them in fresh water for a bit.

I'd remove the covers and use a blow dryer, place near heating vents for a few days, etc. Airflow is needed for evaporation.

Oil steel, agitate rust, and re-oil, etc.,

But thats it....evaporation and tending to steel.

The effects of salt changes things, rinsing it clean a.s.a.p. would be very necessary.

I have run motherboards through dishwashers after spills, a transformer new or old, should be no big deal.

To be safe, once dry, power them from a gfi outlet and or a power strip with a breaker. Let them get good and warm for a long time to further expell any trapped moisture.

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