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I just received via Fed-X a Lionel 18" Aluminum Stations Sounds Car (6-25419).  There were two loose tables rattling around inside. I was able to get them out with removal of the car ends.  I thought I would glue the tables back in place, however, I can't figure out how to remove the shell. The shell will slide each way about an inch until the trucks hit on the side skirts.  Do I need to remove the trucks? If so how?  It looks like there is an e-clip holding trucks on but not an easy way to get at. I was trying not to remove trucks since it's a sound car with extra wires. 

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This is a Station Sounds diner. Its been awhile but I believe this one and the Post Office car made blast out plenty of profanity. 

If my memory serves me correctly, you need to disconnect the lights and boards in order to slide it out, I believe there is a ground wire too? of my boards kept hanging up on the car walls too. Not fun.

Oh and those blasted bulkhead walls will hang up too. Good Luck.

TCA Number 16-71884

Been awhile since I tinkered with one of these. If you place masking tape on the truck sides to protect the paint, can you rotate them slightly to clear the car and then slide the floor out? And first unplug the lights.

Thanks everyone for your help.

I looked at the masking tape idea but there just is not enough room for the trucks to pass by the skirts.  I did figure it out. If you remove the underside detail (die cast) and the 4 screws under the trucks, the bottom plate (frame) will drop down just enough to slide the car interior out one end of the shell. When all is assembled, it looks like the frame is inside the shell channels. Not the case...all good now.


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