I have an AMC?ARC Gantry crane (Lionel item 6-24114) that I purchase new about 10 years ago and just tried to use it.  I can hear the motors running but there is no action either for rotation or for raising or lowering the hook.  I looked on Lionel's site but could no find anything that  would help understand how the grand operates.  There was not even and exploded view of parts.

I assume the gears on the newer models are all the same.  Has anyone worked on one of these and if so, is there some type of service information available?

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I have the exact same problem with my modern Lionel gantry crane. I believe the problem relates to the gears. Hopefully, someone on the Forum can share their knowledge and possible solutions.

Incidentally, I also have the Postwar Lionel gantry crane, which has run flawlessly on my layout for over 20 years.


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I've had the same problem, both with the operation and the lack of a diagram. It's been a few year now, but I just started taking it apart until I could get at the gears, being careful not to do anything with the "cables". What I discovered is that the grease Lionel used had solidified … and they used a lot of it. I had to literally pick and dig the grease out of the gears. I didn't have enough grease to properly re-grease it and that's probably why the counterclockwise rotation makes a grinding noise. I intend to disassemble it again at some point, maybe over the holidays.

I hope this helps a bit. Sorry that I don't have any pictures or a better memory.

It is probably the O-Ring belt slipping. I found replacement O-rings at Ace Hardware. Home  Centers should have them also in the plumbing dept. Have had to replace them on a couple modern cranes. Getting to the belts is a little work but not to bad. Just go slow and watch how it comes apart .

I have similar problem my Gantry Crane is New York Central Gantry Crane 6-12922 it operates perfect by means of its original remote control but hesitates to run with the AMC using TMCC when bypassing the diodes. This accessory is featured with two DC motors, since the power is AC, the crane original remote controller has incorporated four diodes that will change one of the poles from AC power to DC + o - power, depending on which side you turned on the lever of the remote.  It works nice this way, however when attempting running it through the AMC device controlled from the CAB1 remote it hesitates to run.  I have configured the AMC for the DC output  but only makes a humming  noise . If I connect it through the diode from the AMC output it runs, but I cannot change its rotating direction.

An electric diagram would be greatly appreciated, please send any link about it or any suggestions on this issue to connect it properly.



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