Need Help with Operation of Talking Station

I have gotten a long unused 755 Talking Station operational , but it will only work if I keep the button depressed. This does not seem to agree with what is out there on the internet.

I have not connected the white wire to the track , is this the problem? Any advice would be appreciated.

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many years ago I did a repair article on the talking station I believe it was in the late 80 in the S gaugian some one may have a copy of it.

if I remember correctly the white wire to the track provides low voltage to the track to keep the E unit from cycling that is not your issue.

you need to make sure you have contact on the rotating drum, once the cycle begins it will complete the cycle and shut off, until you press the button again. it appears that by keep the button depressed you are keep voltage on the unit. I will try to find the date and issue on the station. 

the resistor allow a small voltage to trickle to the track so as the E unit will not cycle. 10 ohms will work, I assume that the train stops in the control section and will start back up, to make sure it is working properly make sure the E unit is not locked in forward, and can cycle. If the engine goes forward or in the same direction that it went into the control section it is working correctly.


That article was very helpful and enabled me to understand the how of the operation.  I still have a problem on putting the parts together.  Is there a later version difference ? 

My station is the plastic building version.  The reproducer has a speaker cone and no horn.  Is somethin gmissing, or is this a new version ?

I can place the reproducer on the cradle and see the cam action but gravity isn't enough to hold it down.  There is a two inch spring on the base that will reach to a nub on the reproducer, but ti's so tight that I don't see how the record grooves will pull the needle against it.

The needle seems to be at about a 45 degree angle with the record.  Is that about what it should be ?

The nut and wahser that hold the record platter are missing.  I suspect any nut and washer would do, but can someone tell me the screw thred size ?  IT's smaller than a #4.  Maybe I can find something in my old HO parts collection.

I'd appreciate any advice in answer to these questions before I make an attempt to run the mechanism with a record.

MAlcolm Laugjlin

The 755A was replaced with the plastic 799 talking station. The mechanisms should be the same. The 799 was then replaced with the plastic 23786 Talking Station. I do not own one to examine but am not aware of a mechanism redesign. These are not covered in the Factory Service Manual.

PortLines has all the repair parts listed on their site. Some are under "station" (bushing, fiber washer & reproducer tube), the nut is under "nuts", no size given.


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