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Hi, After a  15 year hiatus I decided to construct a layout using my old Lionel equipment.  I have a 180 watt Powerhouse, the 6-24130 Powermaster and a TMCC Command Base 6-12911 and a Cab-1. I have 3 Fastrack remote switches in the layout - 2 older 0-36 switches circa 2007 and one newer 0-36 with the command button.  The switches are powered with an old Lionel transformer, properly phased. I have a SC-2 that I am trying to use to throw the two older switches.  The new switch works fine.  I can't get the older switches to operate remotely with the SC_2.  They are wired properly.  If I jump the wires with the common, the switch throws properly. I have the hand lever switch installed and it throws the switches properly.  I am sure that I am missing somethingc- perhaps signal issues or a malfunctioning SC-2.  I only have conventional engines and only operate one train. I have no issues with using the CAB-1 to control the train. 

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I tried to power the SC-2 two ways.  I know the instructions say do not use position 1 with Fastrack. To test, first I connected the three wires from the switch to the first position on the SC-2. That powers the SC-2 but then the switch doesn't work. Next I connected the 3 switch wires to the 2 position as indicated in the instructions for Fastrack switches. Since the SC-2 was now unpowered, I connected the wall outlet. I programmed the SC-2 for switches. When I use the CAB-1 the red light on the SC-2 flashes, I hear a click but the switches do not throw.  I assume that the relay activated.  The same thing happens for  both of the old Fastrack  0-36 switches that I have connected.


Drop me an email and we'll get you going.

I have the manual, so I can supply that right now.  AAMOF, I'd review the manual and check your switches.  Specifically, they specify the control board in the remote switches that this upgrade is compatible with.  I suspect most of the older switches have this board, but might as well check before you buy something you can't use.  Below is a shot from that linked manual, the upgrade is compatible with the TRC3 board.

ERR Switch Commander Installation Manual.pdf


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