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I understand that the beauty of the locomotives requires an early 20th century landscape, but I'm looking to bring my layout to the 21st Century.  The cars to choose from are mostly from the 1950s.  I got a couple of Menard items from this century and tried to detail them, but you can't even find a modern cash register out there. Menards has this tall "headquarter" building with a Starbucks on ground level.  I thought it needed some more people and at least a couple cups of coffee. So I whittled away at some scrape wood to make a few appliances and had a couple of new customers taking advantage of the free WiFi.  Not exactly to scale, but it looks a little busier from a distance.  I manufactured most of the stuff before I figured out how hard it was to get things inside (everything is glued, no screws).  Tell me what you think?  And why does Menards have the blonde girl in the pink top being cornered by the guy in the teal jacket? IMG_2804IMG_2806IMG_2807IMG_2808


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