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I seem to have a short in the light bracket on my Lionel 51000 (350E) Hiawatha.  This is the bracket in the vestibule.  I can't find a parts diagram to trace the part number.  I think it would be the same part as in a Prewar 250E Hiawatha so that part number might also work.  It would be easy to just replace the entire bracket as to try and trace down just how the bracket is shorting out, so if someone has the part number or know where I can get it, I would appreciate the help.


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I believe the socket you are looking for is prewar part 138-21.  Frequently Lionel uses a fiber washer with a small eyelet crimped in it inside the brass socked shell. There is a wire soldered to the brass eyelet. The brass eyelet acts as the center contact that contacts the center of the lamp. A short in the socked is probably due to the wire touching the shell. This is sometime caused by years of pressure from the tightened lamp distorting the fiber washer. The problem can be corrected by replacing the wire and fiber washer.   The fiber washer with the eyelet is part 61-22. I do not know where to get the lamp socket 138-21, however I believe it was reproduced by MTH.  The washer 61-22 is available from most part dealers.

Hi David,

Thank you for the information on the part number.  I would like to replace the entire part but I can't find this part at any of the dealers.  It appears that the fiber washer is riveted into place so replacing the entire bracket would be easier but it certainly isn't easy to find.  Now if only York was running last week!   It may have to wait until April when we hopefully can have another train show.

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