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Just thinking ahead to next November and the next parts sale. I would like to find out what it would cost to upgrade a few remote Fastrack switches to Command, but I'll need a parts list for a "normal" remote switch and a Command switch. I recall at least one other discussion on this, and the consensus was that it would be expensive, and I would be better off just selling my remote switch and buying another used Command switch. Still, with a 50% off sale, I'd like to find out what it would cost.

I can easily find the O36 remote switch parts list on Lionel's site, but I can't find anything for ANY of the Command switches. Can you help?


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So I looked over the two lists. Aside from a difference in the base plate (right hand switch vs. left hand switch), here's what I found:

691TRC4A01 PCB/Motor Driver/Fastrack switch/TMCC          $23.00

6106825105 Harness/Radio Receiver/Command Switch                $  3.00  Unavailable

6106825100 Program Button/Command Control Switch               $  3.50

* 691FTSWA01 PCB/Receiver/Fastrack Switch/TMCC (B)          $18.60   Available, (A) unavailable

Totals                                                                                                     $45.10

Parts Sale Cost                                                                                      $22.55

So aside from the unavailable Harness which could be made or salvaged, the cost appears to be within reach. That said, the diff in price of new ones from Lionel is $94.99 (remote) vs. $129.99 for the Command version. Using my trusty calculator, that's a $35.00 difference. Personally, I'm going to keep this list and come November 2021, give it a shot for $22.55, plus whatever the heck else is on my list by then ($300.00 retail this year!!)

* Unknown the difference between the 691FTSWA01 and the 691FTSWB01 (B). They are the same price, but I suspect they made some engineering change to the PCB and had to put it under a different number - point is, they both show up on the list but they have the same SEQUENCE number, so you don't need them both. Also the PCB Motor driver is definitely different between the two boards, although I must confess, I don't know why?? My remote only switch has a connector labeled "TMCC", not sure why that would be there?  Any thoughts?

Thanks to all who participated in this discussion!


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