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I recently purchased three used DZ-2001 data line drivers.  For some reason, the original owner removed the metal cover and screws that go over the pins going in to the command base.  Please see the pictures in case I'm not describing this correctly. 

The line drivers will mount okay but I'm concerned they aren't secured properly and are kind of unprotected.  Z-Stuff for trains does not carry this part but it must be fairly common.  Does anyone know what the parts are actually called and where I might acquire some?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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You would need to replace the whole connector to get the metal shield as you call it.

I'm guessing one of the following will match up pretty well, but lead to quite the soldering event:

However, I believe all DSUB screws are 4-40, and it looks like the plastic shoulder is still there, so you should be able to get some 4-40 screws and mount them up anyways. It should be noted that the metal shield is grounded so it would follow that it may be important to ensure the 4-40 screws conduct the ground instead.

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