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I posted pictures in the Buy anything cool lately string.  These are figures and vehicles that I have mostly identified.  For a few of them, I haven't been able to find a manufacturer.  The great thing about this forum is folks seem to know A LOT.  I've included pictures of the items I can't ID.  Any help or leads are appreciated.

The first item is a what I assume is a Chinese Gentleman sitting on a rock.  The figure appears to be chalk or plaster and is marked China underneath.

The second is a set of chickens (4 hens and Rooster) marked underneath Japan

Third item is a lamb and dog that appear to be made from plaster

Fourth item are three ladders that may be from a Lionel accessory but aren't familiar to me.

Fifth item is 2 chickens and 2 geese that appear to be hollow and made of plaster or porcelain. No markings on them.

Sixth item is 4 cast metal (probably lead since they are heavy & hollow) sheep without markings.

Seventh item is a collection of birds that appear to be related in structure.  I think they are plaster and marked Germany.

Eighth item are a series of 5 horses.  They appear to be fabric, possibly felt, very nicely detailed with harnesses, saddles, & stirrups.  Marked Made in Japan.

Last item are two reindeer which are probably a plastic but have no markings on them.

Thanks for any help.




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Hi Don,

Thanks for the lead.  I think you might be correct in that the figure might have come from a Bonsai plant or is a mudman piece.  I researched those two areas this morning and there are literally thousands of these type of figures, including a collector market.

Part of the fun of train collecting and buying collections is the new things that I learn.  In the original pictures I posted, I found the soldiers were from a company called Playwood and the campfires from a company called Transogram, which was a huge creator of board games.

Most of the figures appear to be from a company called Elastolin and are prewar.  There were many items for sale that were German military figures that I would consider somewhat controversial today.

Thanks for your insight.


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