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Hello, I am working on my 1957 layout and have had some issues understanding the wiring plan in the photo attached.

Where I am confused is the section labeled  C.  Why does it appear that this section is connected to post C and post D on the ZW transformer? Am I reading this incorrect?

Should it not connect to a common post like U on the ZW? I have been looking at this for hours and just do not understand. Is this a misprint?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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"Is this a misprint?"  Yes, the wiring diagram does not compute.  The copies were difficult to decipher.  It took a while to find the Track C rectangle (upper left of track plan).  Track C would be the down grade of Track D.

Track C had center rails insulated from D.  For conventional continuous running the C dial would be set at a lower voltage than D.  Correct the wiring diagram to connect the C outside rails to U/common the same as the D outside rails.

That track plan and wiring diagram should have more extensive instructions.

Thanks for the reply Susan!! I am still not sure how I can run two trains at the same time on this layout? I guess you could run one on the smaller inner loop but the second loop intersects with the outside loop so i see a crash happening at the switch unless their is a way to make the train on the second larger inner loop wait for the train on the outside loop to pass. Thoughts?

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