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Opened my Aladdin caboose lamp box and discovered that the wall bracket is missing, though the picture he had showed it and he said was complete.  I know, I should have opened and double check.  What is, is. Paid cash in either the blue or silver halls and no receipt to reference member.

Went to the TCA York site and wanted to contact Nancy Tenteras, but all I get is a box asking if I want to use Yahoo or Gmail, neither which I have.  Wish they would post address that could be copied and pasted into my email address. Trying to reach Nancy Tenteras to leave a message that hopefully seller realized the missing part and contacted York to see if I inquired.


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It may help if you could supply us with a picture of the lamp . Maybe someone else has one and is not using their wall bracket and will pass it on to you , if you can not locate the original vendor . Glad to hear that your trip turned out well . Jim

Enjoy your life now . It comes with a expiration date .

TCA -00-52289  LLCA-25013

Hopefully, you can find yours. If not, there is also eBay, though pricey (considering you can get the entire unit for $68.+$20. shipping). Currently:

$79.99 buy it now or best offer (holder only).

$59.95 buy it now (with tank).

$75.00 buy it now or best offer (with base unit).

I've had good luck with "best offers", even at 40% less $.

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