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Hey Folks,

I put a battery in my Burlington SD80MAC locomotive and while I was putting the shell back on the locomotive, I must have nicked a wire. It started smoking severely when I powered it up. When I removed the shell again, I saw that I fried some of the wires on the front wiring harness. I kept the shell off and applied power to the locomotive and it appears to still be operational - so I don't think I fried any of the circuit boards.

Can anyone make recommendations for a good repair service? I live in central PA.

Please also advise whether you think it is worthwhile to repair the locomotive? It is a Legacy locomotive, by the way.

Note that I removed the Lionel number above - it was associated with the non-powered unit - which obviously this is not.

Also wondering where I can find an exploded parts diagram for this locomotive. I may want to try to replace the wiring harnesses that are damaged. The Lionel web site is useless! 

Attached is a picture of the user manual cover sheet for this locomotive.train manual




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