This past week my 990 base has been acting a little wonky - going in and out of contact with my Cab-2. I noticed the base lights flicker, not having that nice fade in/out glow and the indicator light looks like the base is trying to reset (middle yellow light). It will do this for a period, then work normally for a while, then revert back to the erratic state. 

This set was one of the originals when it first came out. My question is are the latest version of the 990 base/controller more robust or are they suspect to issues as well? This set is probably over 10 years old. Would Lionel still be able to repair it if I sent it in? I still have my 20 year old original TMCC Base/Cab-1 as a back up.

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Send it back in, what's the worst that can happen? 

I'm with John.  They have been known to replace them from time to time if they can't repair.  I'd back up your data base before sending it in though.



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Ditto Chuck.  And, in spite of my recent issues with some new Legacy purchases, I still haven't ruled out purchases in the future.

I recently sent one in for upgrading that was in storage for the last 8 years, which included an upgrade to the Charging System !  It was returned in 2 weeks, and Lionel even sent a UPS Pickup Label for “Pickup” !!

Dont fret, they will take care of You!!!

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