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Well, there is a meter to measure drawbar pull. This could be used to get a more objective reading on how much improvement there really is. I would like to see numbers to compare: an unaltered car, one with replaced wheelsets, one with eyelets and Flyer wheelsets, one with eyelets and replacement wheelsets, one with eyelets and pointy axles and one with eyelets and SHS needle point wheelsets. And if possible, one with Delrin inserted into the eyelets and pointy axles and repeat with SHS needle point wheelsets.

Probably asking too much…

Tom Stoltz

in Maine

Digital Meter Measures the Drawbar Pull That Your Locomotives Develop

Helps you maximize the performance of your locomotive fleet

Simply hook the wire to your locomotive's coupler, press the ON button, and turn up the power. Our digital meter displays the pulling force developed by your locomotive in ounces. Add weight to your loco and see how the pull increases. Pull a train with the meter to determine how many cars can be pulled per ounce, then assign your locomotives to pull a train just like a real railroad does. Capacity: 176 ounces. Readability: 0.1 ounce increments. Includes automatic battery-saving shut-off (90-second), and instructions for use. For all scales of model trains. (Color may vary.)


Tom Stoltz posted:
Francine posted:

Hi RoyBoy,

I did pick up some very nice Lionel/Flyer scale wheel trucks with hi rail couplers for a great price. They roll really well and that's what I'm looking for. 



I’m afraid to ask, but scale wheels with Hi-rail couplers?  I didn’t know Lionel had such an animal…would you tell us more?

Tom Stoltz

in Maine

Sounds like the legendary trucks off the first run of cylindrical hoppers.  (car on the right)

AF b4 and after

Odds are they're out of gauge.




Images (2)
  • AF b4 and after
  • truck2
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Hi Rusty,

Could be, I thought the same thing, but the price was too good to pass up.  Worst case scenario, replace the wheel sets. At North Penn S Gauge we run scale, high rail and flyer.  I did an unscientific experiment and installed one set on a car, then pushed it through a curve and no problems.  I think the problem could arrive at switches (turnouts or what ever you want to call them).


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