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I recently took delivery of a new Camelback Blue Comet 770.  I'm having problems with audio not working.  My layout is a modest 4X8 powered by the standard power pack found in a train set.  I control my trains with a Universal remote, what few locos I have are also connected via bluetooth, but I prefer the universal remote.

The 770 is connected to the Universal and will operate the train, but not the voice commands or bells and whistle.  I'm new at this and this loco is a step above the basic trains I have from buying starter sets.  Will the universal work if the bluetooth is on?  I have tried it in both positions but no dice.

Perhaps I need to hold and press a button somewhere for 5 seconds or something?

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@BamaRider posted:

Still the same.  No activated sounds via app or universal remote, throttle works fine. 

So you have background sounds?

check the IR connection between the locomotive and tender of that is out of alignment you won’t get anything. A good indication of weather or not it’s reviving data is when you hear chuffing sounds

while I hope to help a simple fix if this gets too in depth be prepared to contact your dealer or Lionel as they should make anything incorrect right

The power pak that comes in the starter set.  I'm new at this and don't know anything, the locomotive runs fine but no sounds, but when the loco is disconnected from the tender I have idle sounds, but no activated sounds from the app or universal.  The manual gives instructions how to make the horn work (press the button) but nothing happens. 

Perhaps I am doing something wrong?  I'd rather not send it back to Lionel, but I paid a bunch of money for it, so will if I have to. 

@KOOLjock1 posted:

Hopefully you won't tell us you're using a little DC wall-wart plugged directly into the track...


That's exactly what it sounds like. Lionchief starter sets use a DC power supply which will work with any LC, LC+ or LC+ 2.0 but not Legacy.

Legacy locomotives run on AC power only. I would not try to run your Legacy model in that environment until your issue is resolved to prevent damage to your locomotive.

The folks on this forum will be great help for you to get what you need. I run DCS with a Z1000 transformer with a TIU and Wifi unit for bluetooth and phone app use for both Lionel and MTH trains.

You need a transformer that will supply the AC power you need but there are more experienced folks here that may have better advice.


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