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What follows are ALL @Ken-Oscale designs. Since 2017 I have built the same Ken-Oscale layout for Christmas. It was built using  036 curve track and had a toy train look and feel. The purpose of the modified design was to as Ken would say, save some "Coin", by using track I already had. The great thing about the layout was it was easily adjustable to whatever space was available. (Picture 1). I am a loop runner and scenery is not a major concern. Presently I have one engine that requires 054. Everything else I own runs on o31 or o36.

What follows are 3 variations by Ken-Oscale  of the same basic layout . My new permanent basement layout will be built with  @Mianne Benchwork, and will probably be my last major layout . At 71 crawling around is no longer easy! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I run Legacy and conventional. I will pre-wire for DCS also. I will be posting this to the electrical forum later on for wiring questions. My minimum curve radius is 060. I will build in stages starting with the inner dog bone loop adding other loops as funding allows. (Pictures 2, 3, & 4).

I plan to start the benchwork in January and finish the dogbone section by tje end of February. Hopefully I can add one additional loop per month with a June finish date.

My question is, which  of the 22' Ken-Oscale layouts  would you build and why?

Where would you put LCS sensor tracks? I know nothing about LCS at this point. Thanks, Dennis32


Images (4)
  • Plan Original: Original Layout
  • 22 ft. Z: Picture 2
  • 22 ft. Y: Picture 3
  • 22' Ladder: Picture 4
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It is going to come down to a matter of preference.  I can say I am building my layout in stages due to funding for track and my design has changed multiple times. 

For me I like the sidings in the image labeled Y, picture 3 because I like operations and that seems to allow for better industry sidings.  I think if you are going to do switching on the tracks at the top the extra crossovers will be nice as well because you can run engines around better.  I do think I would try to add that extra track right in the middle that the other two plans have because I could see siding cars or engines there temporarily.

They all seem like good plans and similar so it will come down to what is most important to you.  I am a believer of build it and test on it a lot and you will find things you do and don't like.

Good luck with the project, 9 x 22 should be a good size to have some fun.

That's a lot of switches for the last 3 layouts! The last 2 have a number of reverse curves. From my experience, I had a couple of these on a previous layout, and just watching the engine and following cars/passenger cars go through them looked weird to me, switching curve direction immediately with no tangent between them - but that's my opinion. Maybe layout a portion of your plan where these occur and run a consist through them and see if it's ok to you. I personally prefer the upper switching alignments of the second layout. It is a smoother transition from one track to the other.

Nice variations of the layout - have fun doing it.

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