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I just tried to install my first IRV sensors, and unfortunately, can't get past first base it seems.  I have them installed in the track, and the IRV plugged into the last LCS component I have with the PDI cable, and then two sensors plugged into the IRV.  But, on power up. the red/program LEDs flash once quickly, and then remain on and very dim.  When I hold the program button, the dim LED goes out, and nothing further happens.  I've checked all of the cables, and they are plugged in correctly.  Also, when I first power up, the red LED between the PDI ports does momentarily light as it does on the other LCS components.  The other LCS components are still functioning correctly.

Does anyone have any thoughts on additional troubleshooting or has anyone had this issue themselves?


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Good suggestions, and I tried it.  I put the IVR2 as first in chain, only in chain, last, and next to last in chain, all with the same result.  I've tried each sensor individually, and of course both, same result.  The way I have main power set up, everything comes on simultaneously.  Is there a particular power up sequence that matters, i.e. IVR2 before or after command base?

It's starting to look like I may just have a faulty IVR2?



So, as John says, seems like I exhausted all possible issues except a bad IRV2.  I bought another one as I plan to expand the layout to need 2 eventually anyway.  When I swapped out the IRV2, I have exactly the same behavior I had before.  The odds of getting two bad IRVs in a row are very slim, so now I'm back to trying to find what's wrong with my setup.  I just don't know what else to try!

Does anyone have any ideas?  I can't find anything with Lionel like a customer support number (only for returns).  Should I call that number or the seller and ask for some guidance?


John is giving you good advice on how to see if you somehow received two bad units.  It is doubtful, but possible.

Essentially John is suggesting that you get a setup with the minimum, or least amount of modules/track pieces involved.  A real longshot is a bad piece of track.  Since the common connections are only crimped at the factory, you might have a track with uncommon common rails.  Try what John suggests, or your own way to minimize ALL components in your troubleshooting path.

Good Luck!  I have purchased 3 of those devices, and since I am living in a 10 by 10 room, with a bigger bathroom, I don't currently have the room to check out mine!

Yes, great advice from John!  I appreciate everyone's input on this!

And...the problem was:  TWO bad sensors packaged with the first IRV2!  Both were in new packaging, and I handled them carefully as I installed them.  As improbable as a double failure is, that's what it was.

I'll try to get an RA from Lionel to have them replaced.

I have a related question.  Does anyone know of a source for just the sensors?  The IRV2s support 4, but come with only 2.  I have been unable to locate them for purchase.

Thanks again everyone!

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