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The new MTH Erie L-1 arrived a few hours ago and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been excited about an engine.  This has been one on my list for quite some time and I was quite happy when I learned that MTH was producing a new one.  So I’m sharing a few photos and videos of its inaugural run.  I like the whistle steam effect in that the ‘steam’ actually funnels through the whistle port.  Also note that the whistle is easy to fill in that the whole assembly is removed as noted in the photo below.  Enjoy!7AB77F97-1908-4131-B529-864C93BC6391


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  • 7AB77F97-1908-4131-B529-864C93BC6391
  • 36DF9C7E-3621-44CA-8F25-DE34498AED9D
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