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Special Run Announcement:
Atlas O Premier Long Island Russell Snow Plow

NS-3 Box Car

Atlas is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Premier O Russell Snow Plow in Long Island livery for Atlas Authorized Retailer Trainworld of Brooklyn, New York. The plow will be very limited in production and is slated to arrive this Summer.

About The Atlas Premier O Russell Snow Plow

For railroads in much of the U.S. and Canada, dealing with snow is a perennial problem. The earliest railroad plows were likely derived from agricultural plows, and were the first instance of a plow being pushed from behind rather than pulled by horses or oxen. In 1840, little more than a decade after the first steam engine plied American rails, Charles Lowbaert was granted a patent for a wedge, or “bucker,” railroad plow. Like our model, that pioneering snowplow featured an inclined plane to bring the snow up off the rails and a pointed, triangular wedge to throw it to both sides of the track. Over time, railroad plows evolved into an arsenal of equipment ranging from engine-mounted blades to the ultimate snowfighting weapon, the rotary snow plow.

Ordering Details

Item No. 3001099S-1 Long Island Russell Snow Plow
Early Order Price: $99.99
Car Number: 83
Click HERE to order.

Item No. 3001099S-2 Long Island Russell Snow Plow
Early Order Price: $99.99
Car Number: 283
Click HERE to order.

Order directly from:

751 McDonald Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11218

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