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Hello everyone. I am developing software to allow simultaneous control of multiple devices from a single program.

Devices can be controlled by:
1. Complex user defined virtual control panels
2. Hardware controllers connected via USB or network
3. User defined computer automation of various types

It is browser based, so can be accessed from tablet, cell phone, pc, etc.

I'm using a model train layout to demonstrate some of the features in a youtube video.

The demostration is controlling
1. MTH protosound 2 and 3
2. MTH conventional
3. DCC loco using Loconet
4. DCC controlled slot cars
5. Arduino running computer automated traffic lights
6. MIDI controllers as hardware controlling devices for the entire layout
7. An AVR receiver
8. Atlas switches using an Arduino to monitor and limit maximum current to prevent overheating



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It looks like it would be useful for museum or public displays - having the entire layout choreographed - for specific timeframes - played and cycled throughout a day - DCS and Legacy equipment have memory limitations for multiple scenarios

Have you seen the Bluetooth product and the older JMRI aimed at Lionel products - different signal output I assume

One thing which I think is missing from DCS, Legacy, LCS, etc., is any provision for randomness.  For example if a layout has multiple trains, alternate routes, etc., it would be neat if in certain scenarios, the computer randomly varied the route, speed, duration, etc., of operation.  I remember discussing this with @SantaFeFan many years ago.  As far as I know it's never been implemented.

That is very cool!

As an experiment, I used an olde Behringer FCB-1010 Midi board pedal and a couple Midi Solutions boxes to convert signals to sysex, etc etc..   One of the expression pedals was the throttle.  The other was the brake.    I then assigned the stomp-box type buttons to be the Switch toggles for the switches.   It was fun!

If I had the time, I had considered using my Mainstage setup to automate a running session based on a playback music track


Your use of the Presonus unit is genius.    Now I want to see if my Focusrite could do it

Or even the X-32 mixer software. 




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gunrunnerjohn: Sorry about the jumpiness. I started that thing with good intentions, then remembered how much I hate video editing and ended up just posting the screen recording as-is 

Moonman: Yes, it will do Bluetooth, RF, Infrared and WIFI using Arduino shields. I don't have any Lionel Legacy, but it is on the list.

AmeenTrainGuy: Thank you for the offer. I need help with styling. Still working on basic architecture for now. It's PHP and powershell. Just starting to move as much as possible to c++.

eddiem: MIDI goes to PC. PC goes to devices that can control the higher voltages (e.g. TIU, Digitrax command station, relays connected to Arduino).

Ted S: That has never occurred to me, but makes sense. I will add a random generator with parameters to the logic setup page. Thanks! More code 

EscapeRocks: Yes. I almost bought a Behringer too. Any should work. The AKAI APC40 is the bargain, IMO. Under 100.00 on Ebay and built like a tank.

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