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Arriving from Atlas today... 25,500 gallon tank cars, 40' steel reefers, and a few of the former MTH streamlined passenger cars.  Extras of the tank cars and reefers are up on the web site now.   Invoices will be going out today.



We are almost done invoicing 53' containers.    SO far we have extras in CSX and CP.  They are up on the website for sale.     We have a few extra of the maxi 4 well car sets  too, which are up on the web.  Invoices have been sent out for the 17,360 gallon tank cars.  Extras are up on the web... https://www.publicdeliverytrac...&section=product

Arriving from Atlas in 3-4 weeks will be former MTH 2 bay offset hopper cars, some more streamlined passenger cars.

MTH....They are moving to a different building down the there's about a 2 week delay in shipping things right now.  Arriving in 2-3 weeks will be the RK scale 0-6-0 switchers , including some of our special run of Raritan River.  Also a smattering of Premier freight cars..I think cylindrical covered hopper cars and a few other things.

They also will be announcing later today another run of R50B passenger express reefers.  Roads are D&H, REA, SF, CNJ blue comet, CNJ green, nand SP daylight.    Pre-orders and others that we have in stock are here...   https://www.publicdeliverytrac...&section=product

Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 10.08.13 AM


ps..Rachel doing well so far.. her lungs are in better shape than we expected, kidneys still at about 1/3 of normal.   I kidneys can get up to 50% of normal, we will be thrilled.    Thx for all the prayers and well wishes over that last several months.

Our friend jake has been coming over for 3-4 hours a day and helping with trains and things, so we are slowly getting caught up.  New orders have been getting out in 1 to 3 days.


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