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Im trying to get this all listed tonight, if its doesnt kill me 1st....


86' box cars in CSX, UP, Southern, N&W, Wabash

50' double door (1950's-80's era) box cars   SF with slogans, KCS, T&P

LionScale (weaver) cars....NS 50' ACF (1970's thru tda) box car,   SF 3 bay offset hoppers,   Southern 9 panel ribbed hopper cars.


60' passenger cars  CNJ, CGW, N&W, Reading and Northern.  (baggage, coaches, rpo, combine, obs)


Pan Am 50' double plug door box car

36' reefers....Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pitts Ginger Ale

60' flat car with 2 DOD 6x6 tank trucks

EJ&E GP-38 (3 rail and 2 rail)

RF&P S-2

C-630 C&O, Reading

C-628  LV red

Pre-order Atlas..

40' Airslide single bay covered hopper cars..BN, Revere Sugar, Brachs Candies (version3), Con Agra, CR (PC green patched) Cotton Belt (SSW), RI (Route Rock)

And still have about 50 misc freight cars sitting in the basement that need to be added and put in stock, and Atlas and Williams 3 rail engines...



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