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I see in this months MRH magazine, a listing for a new Gunderson Auto-Max car from Atlas O!!!!    Finally Atlas is doing some new tooling work on a new and modern car.  These will go great with the Lionel 86 ft hicube boxcars.    Now, I can model NS train #181, the mostly auto parts train from Detroit to Kansas City.  I will be waiting for a photo of the pilot model to see just how nice these are!   I have learned not to get to riled up, until I see the actual model, as I like others have been disappointed.   Price on these is listed at $144.95 each retail.      I will be watching this one closely.......

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A fair amount of discussion about them in this thread:

Also, Atlas made them earlier this year (EDIT: and in two earlier runs) in HO, so you can look for images and reviews of the HO versions. I've pre-ordered a few of the O versions. Oh, and the deadline for pre-ordering is July 28.


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