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Hi Daryl,

I may have a spare mp15dc to sell but there are some issues.  First, everything is in storage at the moment, although I expect that to change soon.  Secondly, I'm not even quite sure whether I have a new gold version in my pile.  I've bought a bunch of the switchers as kitbash fodder, and haven't always been concerned with 2-rail versus 3-rail or powered versus unpowered.  Also, you say paint scheme doesn't matter, but what about shell style?  There are three hood configurations.  Do you care which style hood is on the unit?

If you have a month to wait til I have things out of storage, I'll be happy to check my stash.



When I phoned Atlas last July(2016),  the customer service lady told me that MP15DC's would produced sometime in 2017 and she didn't have any further information.   Dave Minarik of Mercer Junction also spoke with them about the same time and was told that the MP15DC's would be produced but don't look for them anytime soon,  whatever that means.   I have heard nothing since then about these engines-forget about that Atlas shipping schedule.   I have heard rumblings at different times that Atlas has sufficient orders for only a couple of the advertised roadnames and not enough orders for the other roadnames to go into production.


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