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@SIRT posted:

Thanks Jonathan. I agree. Atlas O is no longer accurate and have joined the other cookie cutter suppliers.

These will be my last caboose purchases. I can now run 4 to 7 trains for each road. All the fallen flags operations are covered.

I think Atlas' Trainman line is not necessarily intended to be completely accurate, its  intended to be less expensive. Atlas does a better prototypical job with the Master line and it remains to be seen what they will do with the Premier line.

Being a C&O person these are right down my alley. They are fairly accurate for a C&O caboose.

Comparing the 3RD Rail brass C&O caboose (on the left) with the Atlas they are pretty close. I had to paint the window awnings black and the cab end handrails yellow on the Atlas.

IMG_4535 [2)

I also purchased a couple of undecorated versions in order to add two more paint schemes to my fleet.

Pre 1948:

IMG_4536 [2)

Post 1957:

IMG_4537 [2)

Now if I could just do weathering as well as SIRT does. Just beautiful weathering work.



Images (3)
  • IMG_4535 (2)
  • IMG_4536 (2)
  • IMG_4537 (2)

The Atlas were for C&O and they look quite nice.

I used the photos to decorate the CNJ. Herald, red irons and type are both incorrect on the Atlas CNJ.  All in all, I still like them. l also like to thank Mr. Muffins trains for making them available.

91513 CNJ CAB


                                                                   Atlas O

CNJ 91523

CNJ AT CAB SP Collection 21 [5)


Images (4)
  • 91513 CNJ CAB
  • ATLAS O CAB 91513
  • CNJ 91523
  • CNJ AT CAB SP Collection 21  (5)

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