I see a new forum heading "ATLAS". It seems there's some older topics moved there and some say MTH in the heading?

I'll have to look closer.

Atlas has made some of my favorite 2 rail cars for us in O scale. There's a long list of them but here's a sample of my favorite





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 I don't have any O, but that's not for any good reason. I like what I have seen and almost bought one switcher to 3 rail, but a better deal knocked on the door. 

It's likely going to end up as a home for intro to new stuff more than anything. That and requests for details    

I'm kinda surprised it hasn't picked up with some reviews of old fav.s, company history and folks history with the company, innovations noted, etc..

I think Atlas has earned more respect than they get some days. For their many decades of survival at the very least. 

E.g. I didn't think I had anything from Atlas, but I was given two old signal bridges and am still working on lighting #1...(duh! Just 5ft away) ....  l.e.d.s fit perfect in place of the lenses (that the Or.Owner didn't glue

Not much, but not "nothing"..🏁

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