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I like the bando blue the most. It seems as though its always a roll of the dice as to what the actual color of an item will be as compared to a catalog picture. Its to bad the manufactures dont stick to one set color shade that is as close to real as possible. I was trying to go outside of the typical all black engines when i ordered the blue em1. Now i learned to maybe wait till something comes out and seeing it 1st hand before purchasing products.

@Steam era posted:

This is my 1st refridgerator dairy car and i am not disappointed. I placed it behind the tender on my B&O passenger consist with the 2019 EM1 fantasy colors locomotive as dairy cars sometimes were pulled with passenger trains for fast delivery. I like the look. However there is a difference in the shades of the blues

What are your thoughts on the trucks and couplers? Many people are reporting issues with them on the new scale milk cars from Lionel.

So why do milk cars have buffers?

Because most/many milk cars were handled on the headend of passenger trains, thus the milk car, as well as REA express reefers & boxcars, had to couple up to a passenger car. Passenger cars, as well as baggage cars, were equipped with diaphragms, which included a "buffer" device over the coupler, so that when the diaphragms were compressed, there was a smooth passenger/employee transition between cars. Thus, milk and express boxcars had to be equipped with the same "buffer" device for coupling to passenger/baggage equipment.

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