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Afternoon all. Just wanted to post a few pics of the fold-away table for the garage.  I have wanted to start a small layout for a long time now.  I wanted to be able to fold up the layout, keep buildings and such mounted, and still be able to incorporate two separate train lines.  A larger Fastrack layout with a smaller, simpler, O-27 tubular loop within for a 1949 Prairie Steamer #2026 locomotive set. I am using AnyRail for the layout design.

The board is only 8 feet x 5 feet but I should be able to expand around the back of the day.

I used the 2 inch foam board and simply mounted to the lattice work of 1x3 with a 1x6 surround.  The board is rigid and still pretty light. The layout has 9 inches of height clearance in the folded position so I still have the option for a small mountain tunnel and possibly elevated tracks.

Jan 2021 Two Lines   PXL_20210103_180444796.MPPXL_20210103_191453567PXL_20210114_181504119PXL_20210114_190840436PXL_20210116_190523632PXL_20210116_190529762


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  • Jan 2021 Two Lines
  • PXL_20210103_180444796.MP
  • PXL_20210103_191453567
  • PXL_20210114_181504119
  • PXL_20210114_190840436
  • PXL_20210116_190523632
  • PXL_20210116_190529762
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Hi Warthog, I really like your table design. I have some FasTrack modules taking up space in my garage that I was going to convert into a fold down table this summer. Your's will likely be lighter than mine, but have you considered adding some gas shocks (like car hatchback ones) to ease the lowering? Also I'm guessing that that plastic work table acts as the legs when folded down. I was going to add some "swinging" 2 x 4's to the sides to act as the legs.

The one thing I don't get, I'm assuming you really are not going to put the ZW transformer in the middle of the table.

I did consider gas shocks.  I'll have to see how heavy the board becomes after track and the layout gets filled in.  Right now it is very light and pivots well with just the hinges.  I am simply using two Dewalt Work Tables as the supports since I already had them and did not want to build legs that I would need to store somewhere and I wanted to keep as much weight off the folded up table as I could.

Funny, no, I am not leaving the KW transformer on the board.  I was just goofing with the add ins on AnyRail.

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