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Hope your New Year is going great! We wanted to inform you of a product you may not have known we make! Shims for Kadee Coupler Boxes! These shims install easily between the Kadee Box and floor. We make them in 4 different thicknesses .011", .016", .025", and .0625" (1/16") for those needing to fill a lot of space. Our shims can be layered with the same size or mix and match to get the right height! They are made from laserboard which is a resin coated paper with the exception of our 1/16" which is Italian Ply.

They start at $3.90 for 12pcs and FREE SHIPPING! SO STOCK UP!


While ordering your shims, Check out our great deal on Kadee 804 & 805, just $3.65/pack! (sorry no free shipping applies)

Kadee 804

Kadee 805


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