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If you have been to a mixed type train show, you have probably seen some really impressive Lego trains.  When built in 8 stud wide configuration, Lego trains are a pretty good match for O Gauge.  There is a very large secondary market for Lego trains as a hobby, which gets more sophisticated all the time.  

Now they are taking a huge leap forward.  Brick Model Railroader and BrickForge have teamed up to develop lego mounts for Kadee couplers.  BMR already sells advanced instructions for Lego rolling stock that includes roller bearings.  But this is a huge step forward for them as the existing coupler system for lego is magnets.  These have inherent limitations.  Incorporating O gauge kadee couplers directly into Lego trains is pretty exciting stuff.  Frankly I see a whole onset of lego trains builts to run on O gauge track and totally compatible with existing O gauge rolling stock.  Can you imagine Brick built rolling stock behind a brass scale loco - I can!

Anyway, just thought you all would find this interesting.

BMR announcement

Scroll down for a post with pictures of the finished product. 


0-6-0 - Sticker Placementtank car ex20200427_154205[1]


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  • 0-6-0 - Sticker Placement
  • tank car ex
  • 20200427_154205[1]
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@Chessie posted:

I was thinking these look pretty nice until I saw the lego man hanging onto the caboose!  Now if Lego made little O-Gauge people to scale, ... that would really be exiting!  

Some fun stuff...

Current mainstream lego figures are known as minifigure or mini-figs. Prior to some time in the late 70's or real early 80's lego figures were much bigger brick built figures. 

Lego mini-figs don't scale to anything resembling a human.   The height is pretty close to a taller O gauge figure,  but the width is just crazy.   

There are some skinnier figures in the lego friends line, which is mostly geared towards young girls.   While the bodies are smaller,  the heads are basically the same size.   Scaled up the would be super tall NBA player sized compared to all other figures!


Just some more pictures I thought were fun.  Here's some pictures with a lionel gondola and model power O scale figure vs a lego brick built gondola mounted on mpc era trucks with a lego barber.


Obviously the minifigure is boxy but the car size looks great. Imho


This is a comparison between lego truck assembly vs another mpc era truck assy.


You can see the difference in gauge clearly in the last picture.   This is only one type of Lego train axle,  but it is very common.   BMR uses a different style that allows for mini roller bearings.   The lego train wheel is pretty close to an O scale wheel.   I have some 2 rail scale trucks somewhere but I couldn't dig them out this evening. 

Anyway, I just thought think this is fun.


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@Chessie posted:

I was thinking these look pretty nice until I saw the lego man hanging onto the caboose!  Now if Lego made little O-Gauge people to scale, ... that would really be exiting!  

 A'cause that was spaceman, not the brakeman

The fellow dressed for the job behind him blends into the surrounding stonework pretty well I think. 

I like some Lego engines better than some of the crazy starter set themes and colors.  

They can be made 3r or run on O track on battery (as is)

My cousin in law was a huge collector of lego.  If you want a new hobby where boxes eat up even more square footage, you found it. They do tend to stack well     ...I think he was a starter degreed Mason too 

It's gonna be bad when the even the Lego crowd makes fun of us for our Lobster Claws 

One source for more realistic figures is Mega Blox now Mega Construx.  Not perfect but they articulate more than Lego Minifigs and make a good product.  I built a Castle Greyskull Mega Construx kit with my youngest son over Christmas and was suprised how far they've come.

I have been thinking of crossing over into Lego trains but using 2 rail O scale track, trucks, and wheels.

Years ago I went to a Super Bowl party at the house of my son's friend. Our host took us into his train room where he had a large Lego layout ( Maybe 12' x 20'?) It was a completely scenic'd city with all lego buildings and accessories and had numerous loops of track, switches and trains. I had never seen anything like it.

It was completely enchanting and made me want to immediately go home and make a lego layout. It had the bright shiny charm of prewar tinplate. I lay down and waited for the fever to pass. 

@TexasSP posted:

Really nice. Do those rails have metal? Also what's a good site for Lego Train info?

Brick model railroader is a great place to start.   

There are many local lego clubs that get together the same as other trains clubs.   Most of them have LUG in the name,  short for Lego Users Group.   PennLUG in eastern PA is a well known example. 

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