NEW DECAL SET FOR YOUR PRE-1966 AF #312 etc. E&T's
     As you may already know the American Flyer #312 style E&T was modeled after the PRR K5 engine and tender of the 1930's.
     Only two (2) of these were produced and the numbers were 5698 & 5699.
     You can look on the boiler face of your #312 style engine and you will see the PRR herald cast in the boiler face with the number 5698.
     Now you can have a WHITE decal set plus to re-letter your E&T to the proper style. This set plus even has the numbers for both engines including the headlight and the numbers in the boiler face casting so now you can paint the herald RED and add the proper numbers so everyone can see them.
     The price per set is $9.50 each which includes shipping in CONUS.
     May be ordered / viewed using the link below

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