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 We ran a train last week and it stopped abruptly ending our session. The power even shut down.


There was one powered CSX SD70ACe and a dummy of the same engine and road. The lead power smelled something like poop out of the main motor with the tach. I tore the engine down and could not find the issue. Both myself and my grandson both identified the engine and the truck as the source. You could smell the stench with the engine tore apart.

 Today with that engine on the bench our grandson was building another train with CN power from the pool. He attached the engine to the train and heard sparking noises. As he looked under the power his eyes went towards the back and noticed sparks flying from that same dummy engine. The rearward truck was spraying sparks?

I had heard arcing sounds when I was testing the other CSX lead looking for the problem over the last week. I didn't notice any sparks.

I tore apart the truck on the dummy and to my surprise the axle was black, the truck's plastic cover was melting, and the poop like smell was back.



I tore apart the powered version again removing the trucks bottom but that looked well.

This dummy's axle is toast. I replaced it and all seems well with the dummy. So I still have to test the powered version one more time and see if that smell is gone and it will run. I have never had this issue in over a decade of good running (maybe 15 years?). I have to assume that some foreign object got in there as this engine doesn't draw any power???



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I see that you are running 2 rail.  Maybe the plastic isolator on the axle was thin or faulty allowing the two halves to touch?

I have seen light boards in non powered engines fail and cause damage too.




Thanks you guys!

I believe the dummy doesn't have any lights inside. I will look again. I also think the bottom cover may have allowed something to get inside and cause the short? or as suggested, it was defective??? & must have been time for it to go south? 

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