looking for a newer or new lionel f3 diesel set. without braking yhe bank. dont get me wrong i love my post wars. looking for something with more sound, powerful and less growl. powerful is important. There are so many different models out there, i dont know whitch way to go. Some input would be great. Maybe someone has somthing i would be intrested in. Thanks.

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If you are not fixated on the Lionel brand, as so many are, both MTH and Williams make almost exact copies of the Lionel postwar F3. The main difference is that the modern trains have can motors and traction tires. They will pull very well. The Williams has an electronic reverse unit and a simple horn/bell. The MTH RailKing models will have Proto 2 or Proto 3, but will run just fine in conventional mode.

I bought the Legacy F7 set (one powered and one non-powered).  Later I added the non-powered B Super Bass unit.  I really like them.  They are actually (as I understand) F3's, even though marketed as F7s.  Being 2 of 3 non-powered the total price was pretty reasonable, I thought.

there is a k line ABA all powered set on ebay for around 400 dollars or best offer. I dont know much about k line. But it sounds powerful. It is a green reading set. Any input anybody. Thanks

Personally, I'd avoid the K-Line A-B-A all powered sets.  The two I've had tried to power all of those motors with one Lionel DCDR, no cruise and very spotty performance.  K-Line had some great stuff, this isn't one of their better efforts, at least IMO.

I have two MTH Proto 3 F3's available:

MTH 30-20667-1 Railking scale Union Pacific AA.  The set came with ABA but I am selling for a friend who just needed an extra B unit.  This is a Proto 3 set that was shipped in December 2019.  Powered A has been test run but unpowered A has not been unwrapped.

I am asking $375 plus shipping.

MTH 20-20764-1Premier Santa Fe F3 powered A.  This is a single A Proro 3 engine with very little run time and is in like new condition with original box, inserts and shipper.

I am asking $275 plus shipping.

If interested, please contact me using the email listed in my profile.


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