Last week I bought new fastrack & some of it wouldn't snap together no matter what, especially the real short ones.

Then 20200330_185003I had an epiphany.  Lubricate the plastic Male female connection,  behold works like a charm.

I take silicon spray, spray a dab in the cap place ,Q TIP in CAP and it absorbs lubrication dab sparingly on connection and snap your done.


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Had the same problem with the new S gauge. Even with lube it's difficult. I ended up filing two bevels to the male tabs, to make a bit of a wedge shape, which helped to spread the female tabs. Worked great but Lionel needs to look into this. There seems to be almost no flex to the plastic female tabs..

If you think that Lionel Fast Track is difficult to try putting together you should try MTH roadbed track The connecting contacts under the roadbed bends out of shape If you need to connect the track more then once. I have not had any problems putting Fast Track sections together. I use to work in a train store for 17 years and was at the store the year Fast Track was first introduced in 2003. I use to demonstrate putting the track sections together to hundreds of customers and no one ever came back to saying that they had a problem putting Fast Track sections together. The only complaint I got with Fast Track is that the trains run nosy so I suggested putting cork road bed strips under the track. On my home layout the table top is compressed cardboard with indoor outdoor carpeting on the top surface. My table top is supported by 2" X 4" cross piece centers every 12 inches so that I can walk across to get to the other side when necessary.

Ed G., Westchester County, NY Along The New Haven Line Of Metro-North and Amtrak.

I use to use MTH track when it first came out . (Switched to gargraves. ) ,good idea however unreliable didn't have much couldn't get it to work sold all mine   Sold all my gargraves now I just use fastrack  really like it.

I am installing a separate loop of Standard gauge 042 track 14' x 8' on layout outside of fastrack  loops.

I ruined two S gauge switches trying to out them into adjoining track. I now lubricate every end before trying to assemble sections. The price they charge should warrant better QUALITY !



Ditto what "Ed New Haven Line" mentioned about MTH snap to gether track....maybe he means MTH RealTrax?   Not at all a fan of the stuff. Stick to Lionel Fastrack  !!

I think adding a bit of lube is a great idea!

I'm still using the tubular track.  It seems to do okay even on the carpet to kitchen transition.  Don't think I could be happy without that clackity clack. 

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