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I'm a twenty-something 3 rail enthusiast and am new to this forum/site. A few years back I started an around the tree layout. Sometime this year I would like to try a "real" layout. I am posting some pictures from the 2020 Christmas layout. I look forward to  having good discussions on this forum.IMG_2473IMG_2477IMG_2481IMG_2476IMG_2467IMG_2473


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@Csxcellent posted:


I'm a 20-something 3 rail enthusiast, new to this forum/site.  A few years back I started an around-the-tree layout.  This year, I'd like to try a "real" layout.  I am posting some pictures from the 2020 Christmas layout.  I look forward to having good discussions on this forum.IMG_2467

Welcome aboard!  Nice pics.  I really like the North Pole Central diesel. Is that the separate-sale LionChief one from the 2020 catalog?  

@J Michael F posted:

I am in process of building a Christmas themed layout. Started last year. Enjoy the process. Some of my pics below. The right hand side is temporary. I put it up to get trains running for Christmas and haven’t taken it back down yet to finish because I am enjoying running trains.


Could you please let me know the dimensions of your layout. I’m also looking to create a permanent Winter/Christmas layout. Your layout looks like fun!

@Pennsylover posted:

I like it.  I also started with a layout under the  Christmas tree and then added a permanent layout in our basement.  Having TWO train layouts adds interest because of different buildings, scenes, perhaps track, etc,. and yes, it is twice as fun!  Enjoy!


Hi Pennsy,

My dream would be to (one day) have 2 permanent layouts, one winter and one fall layout, plus some sort of under the tree layout. For now I’m just hoping to build a winter themed permanent layout in the next year and keep up the seasonal under the tree one.

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