Hello, my name is Josh Ferguson, I live in Temecula, CA. My dad, who lives in San Diego, just gave me his entire American Flyer set he amassed as a kid in the mid 50's, including a lot of track and 16 Plasticville buildings, some with original boxes.

Included was the Comet 466 diesel engine, along with the 3 cars, 960, 962, and 963. The track, and there is a lot of it, has some rust. I have been using Bar Keepers Friend to remove the rust. The 18B transformer is in good working order. After setting up a circular track and oiling the engine with 3 in 1 oil per the directions, the engine will not move. The headlight turns on and the engine itself makes a humming noise, but will not budge.

My question is, are there any reputable repair people here in Southern California? If so please let me know how to get in touch with them.

My other question is, who are recommended when it comes to track layout, design built A-Z who can make my new dream come true to surprise my dad and son who  is 6 years old, a functioning layout we can all enjoy? To have 3 generations play with something like this, would truely make me happy.

Thank you all very much, the knowledge on here is incredible, and I look forward to this new adventure.

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Hi Josh,

Welcome to the forum and to S gauge modeling. The Flyer trains your dad gave you is a great start. Once you get more into model railroading you may want to consider joing our Southern California S Gauge Club. Our members model in Gilbert Flyer, Flylonel, American Models, and Showcase S Helper. There is a wide range of expertise with members glad to help one another.


We also have a group within the club that build modules that can be connected together. They exhibit at a number of shows in the area, and have traveled to the S gauge conventions held each July in Sacramento. Their lastest exhibit was at Fullerton's Rail Road days last weekend. I believe a number of our members are familiar with D&S and occasionly make the trip to Temecula and see what he currently has in the way of S gauge.


We're in the Los Angeles area and have members attending our monthly meetings from as far away as Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Ventura County. If you have any questions just send me an email. The address in my profile.


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