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MTH keeps producing ore cars every single year. They have made them in many railroads that did not have ore cars. 

Four railroads that did have ore cars are

Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific DWP

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern EJ&E second-hand from CN or DM&IR

Escanaba & Lake Superior

Lake Superior & Ishpeming.

You can put the more colorful Diesel Locomotive paint schemes on the ore cars if that will make them more attractive to operators and collectors.


@SIRT posted:

Thanks Dave.

With the latest situation, this old thread is now a bit outdated. Only a few items were produced during it.

Perhaps when we know more about any new suppliers and DCS, we could try it again.


Steve, your work is amazing. 

We all understand the costs of new tooling, yet why the manufacturers have not decorated engines and cars in other paint schemes is baffling. Especially when they have the correct tool. We all await that information on MTH.

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