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A New Payment Option at MrMuffin'

As we all know, this is an expensive hobby, and we have had several customers ask us for additional payment options, for example:

  • Some customers would appreciate a "layaway" payment plan so that items can be purchased and held by us, then paid for, over time
  • Other customers have asked for the ability to place a pre-order and make payments over time so that it's fully paid for when it arrives


To meet both needs, we have added an additional payment type to our shopping cart called "Lay-Buy." When you use Lay-Buy as a payment option, it:

  • Takes your payment information, either your credit card or PayPal
  • Processes a 20% down payment
  • Automatically bills you for 3 installments, in 30 day intervals, for one-third of the remaining balance due
  • Charges you a 1.9% fee for the Lay-Buy processing fee; for transactions below $400, the fee is 4.9%


So, for example, a $1000 purchase on 11/1 would result in:

  • A charge on 11/1/2019 for $200 plus $19 Lay-Buy processing fee
  • A charge on 12/1/2019 for $800/3, or $266.66
  • A charge on 1/1/2020 for $800/3, or $266.66
  • A charge on 2/1/2020 for $800/3, or $266.66
  • And then we ship your item(s) after the 2/1/2020 payment


For those of you placing pre-orders in the MTH 2020 Volume 1 Catalog, if you'd like to use the Lay-Buy payment option instead of the Pre-order button so that your items are paid for by the time they get here, we will refund to you the 1.9% Lay-Buy processing fee.  

Below is a screen print of what the Lay-Buy screen looks like in our shopping cart.

Any questions about this new payment option, please let us know. 

I hope that many of you will see this as helpful. We turned this on last week and have already had a dozen or so customers use it. Thank you. 

Steve...... aka MrMuffin



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