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Good that you found the problem before more damage had been done Peter. In my days as an electrical contractor, I handled many calls for lights/ outlets not working and often would find chewed up wires in the attic. Found the offending chewer, or what was left of them, a few times too..... I don't know what they are attracted to in the non-metalic (romex) cables but they do seem to like it.
Our rear yard neighbor had raccoons trying to get in their attic last Fall. We found out about it after they set a humane trap and managed to catch our stupid cat...... I think the racoon was laughing too!

Good planning on your part to keep the area below the attic hatch clear too.


@Steamfan77 posted:

Peter, the icing platform looks great. Thank you for the videos too. Glad you resolved the squirrel issue and dodged a larger more difficult situation. Cages should do the trick.

Bob, I’ve had to deal with mice, squirrels, and birds in Telecommunications work. I think one factor might be that they want a warm, dry place to nest.


@Mark Boyce posted:

I’m with Andy, working for power and telecommunications companies.  There was always a chance of disturbing someone’s home.  Mice love to chew insulation.

Yep- when it gets cold outside, they look for a warm place. Our attics should not be one of them though.
We have many roof-top AC's and a few large outdoor chillers on our campus that have had wires chewed up. I have a bunch of plastic flower pots and irrigation box covers with teeth marks in them too.....

Nice Conrail power Peter. Glad you were able to resurrect it.


BIG NEWS.......due to the constant rain since Monday afternoon, outdoor activities in the Richmond Metro area have been curtailed. Consequently, this week, Tom (Gilly@N&W) has been here wiring my layout. I helped (I am an expert gopher and holder...and, great at vacuuming).

The wiring gorgeous......I could never have done it this well!

Legacy and DCS are now operational. I am only running the two loops. We only have gotten about a 1/3 of the 67 power drops wired, but the power and signal are superb thoughout. We'll finish the rest of the wiring later this summer.

Now, I can start running Command Control again at home!


I have two zones, Red and Green. Only the left side is actually wired. There are a total of 67 power drops. The switches are as yet unwired.


Thank you Tom!!!!!!  



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@Putnam Division, Peter, this is a great milestone, from a complete top floor remodel, new floors, new shelves, (Painting/Ceiling work)  new model railroad table bench work, a fantastic track plan, now, and this sets the pace for setting up blocks, beginning scenery, and Question, what will you be using as an outside guard rail around  the layout and will you have a skirt around the layout to hide your wiring and boxes? Your wiring friend did excellent work, the trains in the video below run flawlessly…. It’s a Wow… Congratulations on a spectacular train room…. Happy Railroading Everyone

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