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 A few more Vids of the F7s and an MTH FM Trainmaster. I am still in the process of converting the 3rd Rail CNR U2g to PS2. Should have it going in the next couple of days, I hope.

 Layout wise, I'm happy with the current track plan and need to wire all the turnouts to the AIU. 

   Then, hopefully back to some scenery...



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  Here are a few pics of projects I'm working on.

   I decided to paint the scratch built CPR caboose, built from Evergreen styrene and pvc pipe(roof). Still more details to add on.

   I have also repaired the 3rd Rail CNR U2g. This entailed resoldering tender handrails(and removing incorrect piping from tender sides). Also, I figured I would rework the valve hanger assembly to closer resemble the prototype. It still has a glitch in the upgraded PS2 I installed from another loco, but that's another story.



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 Just finished re-assembling an MTH Crossing Tower, after re-painting. Lots of detail that's hidden comes out after the detailing. Also, working to get this DCS issue resolved now, with the CN Northern. 

 Hopefully, get back on track with layout building. I will be cutting out another access location, as well, so I can get where I need to be when it's scenary time.






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  Mark, it's always important to be able to run a train, no matter what stage of construction a person is at. 

   Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at you and it's nice to know one can retreat to the basement for train Runnin therapy, when needed.

 Last year was tough and I had the layout in a mess(more of a mess lol). No trains were able to run and it was overwhelming at times, where I just didn't have the energy or time to get things goin again.

 No matter how big or small your layout is, make sure at the end of your work session, you can RUN A TRAIN(if possible)

 That's my soapbox speech for now

 Have Fun! This is a Great hobby


 Well, I'm happy to say I just started a new full time job this week, so not much happening on my RR till today.

 I am starting on the TT and roundhouse and and starting with the Roundhouse construction, combining 2 Atlas kits.

   Took about an hour or so to unpackage all of the parts ALL wrapped in plastic(potential rust issues?)

   Anyways, I have started by painting the 2 main colours I have chosen(see pics)

 Gotta go and start Masking parts and paint, so I can hopefully start construction

   Thanx for looking!



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  I have been busy working my 1st week at the new job, so layout work has been somewhat delayed, mainly the Roundhouse construction. While still in progress, I decided to run trains(since I was out of glue and paint).

 It was time to run one of my Selkirks, so I have posted a few vids of #5931, pulling a time freight along the recently revised lower mainline.



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