New Layout Plan (CPR Mountain Division)

  Thanks for all the comments on the abutments..looks like I will be making more for the remaining bridges.

    I picked up a bunch of Weaver telegraph poles off day 'bay and they just showed up today at my door. I was going to scratch build these but I can't make them look this good and would probably drive myself nuts trying to lol

  These are a dead ringer for the ones I remember seeing along the mainlines during my youth.

  I will be painting/detailing these as well 



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Hello Mark

   I have more foam to install before I start fill cracks etc with yellow expanding foam insulation(spray can).

     I will see how that looks before I start going at it with the hot wire cutter. 

    Yes the foam looks pretty lame at this stage of the game.  Most important is to ensure clearances in the tunnels and build in access as I go along.


Al, I have used the spray foam myself.  Yes until you get farther along with cutting and shaping, the mountains can look very 'abstract'! (How do you like that word to make it look like you and I know what we are doing?)  LOL. Carry on; it will look great!

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