Here is a quick update with pics.  I had some trouble with the loco stripping / paint issues so I stripped it down and started again with a few changes in my prep work . Here is the current progress to date

  I am using a combination of Micro scale Black Cat and Champ decals(stripping to continue along with numbers)43AD4A83-8F25-483D-823D-2F95546FB1B1C8BF63A7-AF7B-4704-87EF-EE848D91515CBC894342-91CC-4551-A89D-B3FAE70C964D1CEB0A62-19E0-495D-95B5-9AFB7BE0789D

  I set on the shelf with my other stock MTH 6069 for comparison 




Photos (4)

I’ve recently modified my Lionel Rico station to closer resemble CP prototypes (see scenery forum for more details)

  Im thinking to replace the current MTH large station with this one , which seems to fit the layout a little better imho

  I still have to install lites snd glazing before testing it out on the layout 



Photos (4)

  Here are a few vids of CNR 6060 on freight service taken in the wee hours this morning.

  I find it challenging to take the videos on my IPhone and operate the trains at the same time with out having any major derailments lol

   Have to keep the eyes peeled as I have one major bottle neck on my layout, where all trains have to pass thru. Preferably one at a time 

  I hope you have been enjoying your trains too 



Videos (4)

Hey Al, been a while since I have looked at your layout progress. looking good! 👍

You continue to amaze with your repainting projects. Very nice work, love the CN's. Sorry about the RA man, that's no fun at all.



We are never too old to learn something stupid....

Thank you Arthur Mark and Rod for the kind comments!

  I have not done much the past few weeks train wise. Just too tired and fighting the current flu bug visiting the Calgary area and my house lol

Christmas rush has begun!

  I am still waiting for another new Rx to kick in. Not sure if this one will provide at least some relief. This has been an ongoing search for over 2 years now. Things could  be alot worse tho and I count my blessings daily 

  Anyways, I am hoping to get motivated and work on the trains. Apparently there is a list of things to do on the layout.

  I am hesitant to do more Scenery as I may have to downsize in another year and move if my health doesn’t improve.



 Haven’t been very active with the trains until recently.

  I picked up a used 4 pack of Atlas stock cars for $20 at our local shop Trains and Such minus trucks and couplers .

   I was looking to add a few CP stock cars for my roster but the cost of used Lionel ones are out of the question at this point in time.

  I need to figure out how to print out my own decals. I also added Kadees to the cars as my goal is to convert all my rolling stock as funds permit

   I found a nice spot on the layout to incorporate a stock yard on the layout which I thought would look good. Just not sure if I should just scratch build one or purchase a used Banta Models laser cut kit for $120 at the store(don’t have any dough right now lol)

  I also removed my last reverse S curve issue on my layout and made it possible to install a 10” piece in between.

  This was necessary as my Heavyweight passenger cars are slated for Kadee conversion and maybe some locos for double heading as well 

  Here are some pics of the stock car project and a video of some trains dusting off the mainline 



Photos (7)
Videos (1)

Very nice layout, with many interesting structures.  Canadian railroads are somewhat under-appreciated in the United States, which is unfortunate, as both CPR and CNR had beautiful rosters of steam locomotives, interesting rolling stock and delightful branch lines (a product of lower automobile ownership relative to the US). Admire the majestic coaling tower !

D2299BC2-F35B-457D-80BB-67C5ADBF379D1EA8CD3E-E066-4C21-AE8F-2BDC480E4167 Greetings All!

  I have decided to upgrade the stock beam supports for the Atlas Roundhouse. In my opinion they are too flimsy and prone to roof collapse.

   As you cam see I have two kits together for a total of six stalls.

  I believe, Building fire code requires a fire demising wall between stalls 3-4.

  I am making a jig to fabricate the new framework using 1/4”x 1/4” wood strips purchased from Lowes.

   You can rip your own wood strips if you have access to a table saw as well(much cheaper)

   Here are some pics of my progress this far




Photos (4)

Lol Mark

  I have the assemblies completed and painted

I will be installing lights on three of the five for interior illumination and making bases for all the vertical supports.

  Of course Kali stopped production for a few minutes but other than that I am happy with the results

 Here are a few more pics



Photos (6)

 Thank you Guys for the positive comments!

Hopefully, others can learn from my mistakes and take the plunge to try new things in the hobby, that they have been to hesitant to start

 OGR forum has been a great resource for ideas and new skills with some top notch Modellers sharing their talents


6103A033-9C04-48CF-90AC-3871D206715E9BAD70A5-A62B-4B7B-8918-086BD6E7325074A4CCB4-DC28-4888-A9F6-626E377D212C1CBC8EEF-7A36-4617-8A4A-FC06AA429BBCC37213FE-9C04-45FB-80E3-D68F860D4AAC633E9D81-837E-4B45-ABA8-C78369D533EC5C3B1055-52C3-424E-B0D9-E1D45D9E26F81B4E3504-FDE3-44B2-A4DD-3630EE0AD70870D46516-96E5-4B32-A82F-0F335CDAAD29Here is abit of an update since my last post

  Did some reworking of the track plan on the main loop canyon area and some basic landforms.

  Locomotive wise I have been detailing an AB set of MTH C liners along with adding a fixed pilot.

  Also managed to pick up another set of Lionel scale heavyweight passenger cars that I will decorate for the CNR to go with the 6060 I recently refinished

  Green/Black and gold graphics of course.



Photos (9)
Videos (1)

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